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Pizzelle Recipe - Which Materials And Supplies Do You Need To Make Pizzelle?

Pizzelle Recipe - Which Materials And Supplies Do You Need To Make Pizzelle?

Author: Jess Bado

Pizzelle are a delicate, thin Italian cookie with grids or floral imprints featured on them. Sometimes, they are rolled into cylinders to use for cannoli or are dusted with powdered sugar. Because they are so beautiful and look so fancy on display, a lot of people have no idea that a pizzelle recipe is actually very simple and easy to make.

The process of making these cookies is more time consuming than it is difficult. The dough is not baked in the oven, but spooned out onto a hot iron with patterned grids. The cookies are baked, filling the grids and creating the thin, patterned cookie. Pizzelle makers come in different sizes according to your preference, and usually only make from one to four cookies at a time.

But the ingredients and materials themselves are pretty basic. In fact, most of them are likely found within your common baking ingredients already. These are the ingredients that are usually found in a pizzelle recipe and used in the baking process.

Basic Cookie Ingredients -- The ingredients commonly used in a lot of cookie recipes include flour, butter, sugar, vanilla extract, eggs, salt, and baking powder. Pizzelle use these ingredients, too. If you are just making a basic vanilla cookie, you may even need only these ingredients. But to change the flavor quickly, change out the vanilla for another extract, such as banana or peppermint.

Flavoring Oil -- More concentrated and needed in smaller quantities than extracts, these are also used to give the pizzelle recipe a flavor. Anise, with its licorice taste, is common and is an Italian favorite. If it is not what you prefer, though, you have many other options to use. Orange and cinnamon are two more that work well. Flavoring oils are often found with candy making supplies or online.

An Electric Mixer -- Since a thick dough is created from this recipe, using an electric mixer for it is best.

A Pizzelle Maker -- This appliance is not used for much more than making pizzelle and other waffle-style cookies, so it is not very multifunctional. But it is well worth investing in an electric one if you make these cookies at least once a year. A pizzelle maker has anywhere from one to four grids that you drop the dough on to create the elegant designs. You can find them online and in stores.

Powdered Sugar In A Sifter -- After the cookies cool, dust them lightly with some sifted powdered sugar. While it is not necessary, it makes the presentation prettier.

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