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Best Chocolate DC Chip Cookies Recipe

Best Chocolate DC Chip Cookies Recipe

Author: Robert Fogarty
When it comes to chocolate, for almost every nine out of ten people find it to be irresistible! Be it kids or adults, everybody just love chocolate. Being a close cookie friend, chocolate chip cookie is definitely one of the most favorite quick-bites ever. So, if you are a chocolate and a cookies fan, or you want to make some for your loved one, simply follow this easy-to-do chocolate chip cookies recipe made with best chocolate DC.

Things You Will Require

-    2 1/4 cup of flour

-    1 teaspoon salt

-    1 teaspoon baking soda

-    2 slabs of butter

-    2 eggs

-    3/4 cup of brown sugar

-    3/4 cup of white sugar

-    1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

-    1 cup of chopped nuts (optional) and

-    1 2/3 cups of chocolate chips

Ten Easy Steps for Preparing chocolate chip cookies using Best chocolate DC

Follow these simple steps to make your very own delicious chocolate chip cookies:

1.    Firstly, before preparing the cookie dough you are required to preheat the oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.     Now, sift the flour along with the salt and baking powder.

3.    Take a large bowl and put the brown sugar, butter and sugar. With the help of a beater, make sure all the ingredients blend together to form a creamy and smooth paste. It is advisable that you melt the butter a little so that it becomes easier to mix.

4.    To this creamy paste, add in a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Stir well until it is well combined with all the other ingredients.

5.    Now, add in the eggs, but one after another. Put the beater on high speed and beat in the eggs until it mixes completely with the creamy batter.

6.    The next step is to slowly add in the flour, beat until it mixes properly. It is wise to add half cup of flour at a time.

7.    Lastly add in the luscious chocolate chips and chopped nuts, only if desired. With the help of a spoon, stir them well into the batter. This will help in maintaining their consistency.

8.     Take a cookies sheet and drop about one tablespoon of dough for each cookies. If you wish for something fancy, you can make a cookie slab using best chocolate DC and by spreading the dough evenly on the cookie sheet. Parchment paper can be used to line up the cookie sheet so that the cookie slab can be transferred easily onto a pastry board or a large dish for decorating.

9.    Bake the cookies for about nine to ten minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the large cookies slab can take a little longer time, so bake until it is golden brown.

10.    Remove the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies from the oven and leave them on the sheet for about two to three minutes. This will help in firming them a little. Now, transfer the cookies onto a wire rack so that they can cool completely.

The smell of the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies might force you or the ones around you to just grab them and eat! This is definitely one of the easiest chocolate chip cookie recipes using best chocolate DC. A very simple munching to prepare at home and will help in fulfilling that 'sweet-tooth' craving of yours.

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