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All The Excellent Uses For Decorated Cookies

All The Excellent Uses For Decorated Cookies

Author: Kathleen Westley
Decorated cookies are a wonderful addition to any occasion. They're appealing and elegant, but also small-sized and easy to carry. They make great gifts and perfect party snacks. And above all, they're delicious. You can order specially designed cookies with any theme, to fit any event. No matter what the situation is, it can be improved with decorated cookies.
The most obvious time of year to use decorated cookies is the holiday season. From Thanksgiving to Hanukkah to Christmas to New Year's, holiday cookies are elemental. They do well at large office events, at small family events, as gifts for friends, or just to have within reach around the house, to get into the holiday spirit.
But the end of the year isn't the only time that calls for decorated cookies. Amplify your Halloween with some spooky, scary cookies. Make your Easter complete with cookies that have the looks and flavors of spring. Or gift cookies to your mom on Mother's Day, or your dad on Father's Day, that portray, in a fun way, what being a parent is all about. They even make marvelous birthday gifts. Whether they're for children's parties, important milestones like 18 and 21, or a gentle tease at someone who's getting older, birthday cookies are sure to be a hit.
Is somebody in your household ready to graduate from high school or college? Take cookies to the party, in the shape of diplomas, or graduation caps. Or just a general "Congratulations!" cookie, so they can realize how proud you are of them. Perhaps someone is about to get married. Hand out beautiful and delicious tuxedo and bridal gown cookies as party favors at the engagement party or wedding shower. Then use an arrangement of stylish and elegant white cross and dove cookies as table centerpieces at the wedding reception. Cookies are also a great way to welcome a new baby. Have personalized cookies for either a boy or a girl at the baby shower, and also have the baby's name printed on them! Or select from a variety of fun designs that can welcome in either a boy or a girl. No matter what kind of event you're arranging, decorated cookies are a great way to express the theme visually and make it stand out.
You don't even need to have a celebration to have decorated cookies. Send some to a friend or family member, to show them that you're thinking of them. Is somebody you care for sick, in the hospital, or recovering from an ailment? Get Well cookies will help everybody feel well again. During periods of sorrow or loss, sympathy cookies are a tasteful and considerate way to let someone understand that your thoughts are with them during difficult times. Or send cookies for no reason at all! Surprise your loved ones and let them know they're on your mind. Add some joy to your children's afternoon snack, by giving them cookies shaped like dinosaurs, or monkeys. Take them to celebrate a favorite sport, from baseball to basketball to ballet. Or give some to a friend you haven't seen in a while, just because.
There's simply no limit to the ways you can make use of decorated cookies. Let your imagination run wild. There's a cookie for every event. They're fun, thoughtful, and tasty. No matter what you have planned, decorated cookies will add a bit of tastiness.

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