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How I made a 50 yr old man cry with my Christmas Cookies - Top 5 Simple Tips to Holiday Gift Giving

How I made a 50 yr old man cry with my Christmas Cookies - Top 5 Simple Tips to Holiday Gift Giving

Author: GregHal
Gifting should be thoughtful and most of all, FUN! Here are some tips to show you how I made a 50 year old man weep on Christmas Day through my gift Christmas cookie recipes.
I baked no less than 50 christmas cookie packages this holiday season for gifting. Not just because of budgets or lack of ideas but because I thought it was the best way to spread my love. And to my surprise, an uncle-in-law, someone who I don't know very very well, was the most touched.
It's an experience and result that I will never forget!
I didn't know this, but with the tips you are about to read below, I touched his heart and made this man feel very special.
Tip 1. Gesture Counts.
Christmas gifting is special. Gesture really counts, and it's not about the expensive gifts or the brand names.
Don't misjudge your gesture. I made no less than 50 small gifts of Christmas cookies and never guessed that just one out of them all will bring an experience in my life that I (and the recipient) will never ever forget.
Think about the people around your life. Don't discount anybody. Be positive about everyone in your life.
You should never expect anything in return. Of all Christmas cookies that I baked for the holiday season, my main worry was whether they would enjoy them. But because of my gesture and all the steps I took (as stated in this article) it surprised me that not only ALL the recipients loved the cookies, but they were very impressed with the packaging and felt warm and loved. Now, isn't that a great Christmas gifting experience?
People from all walks of life will enjoy your gesture. Many of my recipients were said to be grumpy, picky, snobby, etc. types of people, but I did not want to exclude anyone. Turns out, even the picky ones were appreciative of my gift.
Tip 2. Good things come in small Packages.
You don't have to make large gifts or pack your gift boxes or baskets full of different gifts. Like I said, it's the gesture that counts.
Think of just a few items that could be special to your recipients in general. For example, one of my cookies in the Christmas package included a "Caramel toasted macadamia nuts cookie" recipe. I had just come back from a trip to Australia and bought some local macadamia nuts. So, this made the Christmas cookie recipe special as it was from somewhere else and a recipe that I baked up. I could have given each member a souvenir from Australia, but instead, I used just one packet of macadamia nuts and expanded the gift by spreading it through my cookie gifts.
Try to think of any seasonal or popular themes in your gifting and just focus on two or three of these themes.
Tip 3. Homemade Warmth.
Ok, you may not have all the time on earth to be hand-making all your gifts. But we are talking about how to really touch your close friends and family on the holiday seasons and there is nothing, absolutely nothing, more special than a Christmas handmade gift.
Even if you can only take a couple of hours to bake some Christmas cookies, these will be the most appreciated items that you can give. (Just holiday gift shopping can take more time than that itself!)
You don't have to bake or hand-make gifts for every single person, but you taking a little time out (because it doesn't have to take long at all) will be evident in your gesture.
Bake just for your wife, or just for your husband, or just for your parents, etc. tells them that they are more special than anyone in your life.
Tip 4. Standout from the rest.
Being unique does not have to take too much creativity. If you need inspiration, there is a lot of great information that you can find so quickly and easily online today.
Stand out from the rest and give something different. Even if you are giving the same gift to a particular person and they are receiving the same type of item, by being creative in your thinking, either through a creative add-on to a Christmas cookie recipe, or through a color of wrapping, etc. you will stand out from the rest.
Personalizing items will guarantee that your gifts standout from all others.
Tip 5. Personalize it.
Take the time out to personalize your little packages. Tag each gift with a handwritten name tag and your Christmas gifts will be remembered and be appreciated.
Think about each recipient's interests or favorite colors, etc and apply that in your packaging.
It was with the exact steps above, simple but truly successful, that made this 50 year old man weep.
You see, he went on to tell me that he has never received any gifts, and one with his name handwritten to him, from his family, friends, co-workers, nor from his own wife in his entire life!
I was taken back and it touched me just as much as it touched him.
How something so simple, thoughtful and easy has brought people together and made all my friends, family and network feel so special.
Isn't that what the holidays are all about?

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